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Matt Horton Fitness

Your best choice for personal training and higher performance coaching, situated at the brand new facilities of PureGym, Stafford.

What we offer is a service for people who want results, who recognise that you get out what you put in. We are not rent-a-friends who hold your hand and count your reps like conventional personal trainers - what we do is get you the progress and results you are looking for in the least amount of time.

We work with you on all aspects of fitness; nutrition, motivation, programming, technique and effort to create the most powerful mind and body transformation!
Go from where you are to where you want to be
Take the first step today to transforming your mind and body

Matt Horton founder of Matt Horton Fitness'A few words from Matt Horton' founder of Matt Horton Fitness.

"If you limit your dreams to only what seems likely or probable, you disconnect from you truly want and all that is left is compromise".

Much of my time with clients during early contact is around removing limiting beliefs. This is crucially important because people perform to their belief level, not to their ability level. Once a person frees the mind, the body will follow and anything is possible.

Conventional personal training does only a little to improve a person’s self-belief compared to higher performance coaching. That's why you should choose a fitness and motivation coach who also has the skills, experience and qualifications of a personal trainer. After all, why would you want to choose anything less than your best option?

Typically, my clients achieve 80% greater results 4 times as fast. Perhaps they spend a little more to start with, and far less overall. But most importantly they understand you get what you pay for.

So dream...and dream big! You are capable of so much more. You deserve so much more. And I'm here to ensure you get it!

Yours in health and wellness,

Matt Horton.
Matt Horton Fitness

Be your best you in 84 days!

07903 889 899

Our Mission

Change the paradigm of personal training on every level.

Create the most powerful mind and body transformation in just 12 weeks.

Deliver an intelligent and refreshing approach to lifelong fitness and lifestyle change.

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